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always advised to get a caretaker. Your dog is not a super being. There are things he will still need assistance. So, leaving your dog in the house without anybody to look after him may not work out fine, unless you make out time to train him on how to ...

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Choose A Specific Word To Associate With Potty

Choose A Specific Word To Associate With Potty It is not advisable to use different potty terms to teach your puppy. When you do this, you will overstress your puppy because he would always want to interpret the words each time, he hears them. To make things easier, the best ...

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Prepare/Set A Potty Zone Before Bringing The Dog In

Prepare/Set A Potty Zone Before Bringing The Dog In Don’t make it be too late. The potty zone should be readily available before you even introduce the dog into the house. Of course, you don’t want your puppy to start defecating and urinating everywhere before you arrange a potty zone ...

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Using Potty Pad That Is Made With Synthetic Grass

Let’s Do Indoor Potty All out attention since has been on outdoor potty training. In this section, we will look at the indoor potty. Very easy and quick to handle, but a bit tricky. So, ensure you get everything right to avoid messing up your whole effort. Before you kick ...

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What Do I Need For Potty Training?

Well, the tools you need to potty train your dog is dependent on what you truly want – do you want to do only indoor or outdoor potty training, or do you want to do both? The answer to this question is what determines the things you truly need to ...

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Signs To Look After – What Do I Do If I Catch Her In The Act?

Signs To Look After To every action, there is an equal reaction. To every potty time, there is a sign attached. Be very observant, especially, when the dog is still tender to hold his bowel or bladder for a long time. If not, your house will be a big mess. ...

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