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Keep Your House Tidy

Keep Your House Tidy If you overlook other factors discussed, don’t overlook this one. If you want to mess the house up, then you don’t need to worry because your dog will easily and happily do that for you. Good house decluttering matters a lot during potty training. If you ...

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What Do I Need For Potty Training?

Well, the tools you need to potty train your dog is dependent on what you truly want – do you want to do only indoor or outdoor potty training, or do you want to do both? The answer to this question is what determines the things you truly need to ...

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How To Fit The E-Collar

How Effective Is The E-Collar? With my experience so far with an electronic collar, I would say that electronic collar is a very effective and wonderful tool for dog trainers and dog owners who know how the electronic collar works. Before we go further it is very important that we ...

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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

To wrap it up, I believe it is very important for us to note some certain things down. These things are the common mistakes most dog owners make. Most dog owners believe that some of the things we are going to discuss below are not necessary for potty training, but ...

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General summary

This is the best practice; place the electronic collar on the upper region of the neck, behind the back of the jaw bone of your dog. First, make sure that the collar is not adjusted too high where it touches the jawline. Once you get that right, you can then ...

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