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Keep Your House Tidy

Keep Your House Tidy

If you overlook other factors discussed, don’t overlook this one. If you want to mess the house up, then you don’t need to worry because your dog will easily and happily do that for you. Good house decluttering matters a lot during potty training. If you fail to tidy the house, then be ready for a hard time during the training because you will often encounter a potty accident.

Keep your house clean, and your dog would not need anyone to tell him that the house is not okay for potty. Another important thing in housekeeping is the fragrance in the house. Don’t tolerate any order that has the potential to evoke potty urge.

Thus, avoid potty smell anywhere in the house. Always use enzymatic cleaners to clean up any mess. Stay at alert. Using black light can also help you to detect the stained spot in the house. This ensures thoroughly clean up. Adhering to this will make the journey far easier than you would expect.

Ensure Good Health

It is also important to know that some health cases can lead to frequent elimination by your dog. Thus, don’t play with your dog’s health. Frequent medical check-up or diagnosis is necessary for your dog; in fact, for all pets. Spay inconsistency, urinary tract infection, and other infections can bring about a frequent potty accident.

The first thing you should do when you bring your dog to the house is to take the dog to a veterinary doctor to run a proper check up on the dog. Then have a well-structured schedule for a health check-up. Beside your schedule, you also need to visit the vet anytime you notice any unusual behavior.

Introduce A Bell For Potty

If you want it very fast, then you need to buy the idea of using a bell.

Imagine your dog ringing the bell for you to open the door for him to go potty. Think of how awesome and stress-free it would be. But you know what? It takes almost nothing to achieve that. Only a few steps are required to get your dog to that standard. I guarantee you that this method of the doorbell is the easiest and fastest means of training a dog

for potty. And the good thing about this method is that it will reduce your workload after training the dog because you would not need to be monitoring the dog again to give you potty sign before you can act. For me, that is a heavy workload to maintain every day. Just focus on other important things and attend to your dog anytime you hear the bell.

Moreover, there wouldn’t be anything like a potty accident, unless something strange happens to the dog. This simply means that your dog will turn out to be a fully responsible member of the house. But to achieve that, you need to get a doorbell from the stores and then follow the steps detailed below;

  • Now that you have the doorbell, fix it on the door where the dog would be able to touch it for ringing.
  • After fixing, take your time and teach your dog how to ring the bell.
  • After teaching your dog on how to use the bell, ensure that you make him ring the bell before you open the door each time you are going out for potty.

Though your dog might not be able to understand what you are doing at the initial stage, with time he will get used to it. As your dog gets adapted to the game, he will start to find it interesting. Do you know why? He would start to see it as an escape route. But it is now in your court to let your dog know that the bell is only for potty.

You can achieve this by maintaining this one principle – anytime the bell is ringed, you are only going out for potty. If you want to go out for a walk or play, try your best to open the door by yourself before the dog rings the bell.

If you continue this for a long time, your dog will gradually adopt the idea and play along.

If you follow these simple steps and patiently train your dog to use the bell, then you have already become a free dog owner. No need to bother yourself monitoring your dog up and down. Just focus on other tasks you have for the day, and only be at alert so you can hear the bell whenever your dog rings it. If my dog can be a humble and responsible member of my home, why can’t your dog be one? Enjoy your days as a dog owner by making sure

that you train your dog on how to use a doorbell. There are many doorbells out there, so check and order the one you like.