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What Do I Need For Potty Training?

Well, the tools you need to potty train your dog is dependent on what you truly want – do you want to do only indoor or outdoor potty training, or do you want to do both? The answer to this question is what determines the things you truly need to kick start the training. However, this book covers all the basic training for both indoor and outdoor potty training. Hence, all the tools listed below are for both indoor and outdoor potty training.

Clicker – Well, this book doesn’t cover everything about clicker in dog training. But this little guide went as far as possible to cover all the clicker training required for potty training. Mainly, a clicker is used for reinforcement – positive reinforcement. Simply put, we usually use a clicker as a reminder to inform the dog that he has done something nice. For example, if your dog defecates in the potty zone, you can use the clicker to remind him that he did exactly what you wanted.

Door Bell – In this short guide, you will learn the easy way to simply teach your dog how to ring the bell anytime he wants to defecate or urinate outside. Why I like using doorbell is because it makes the process easier and faster as well. With the doorbell, you don’t need to follow your dog up and down. Don’t bother yourself again after the training – your dog will be alerting you anytime he wishes to ease himself.

Crate (Preferably, the adjustable one) – Getting a crate for your dog is essential for this potty training, especially, if your dog is still tender. You need to restrict your puppy’s movement around the house so that he doesn’t start messing everywhere up. This makes the training easier as well.

Potty Pad – If you want to do both indoor and outdoor, then getting potty pad would be a great step towards a successful potty training. With this potty pad, you can easily transition from indoor to outdoor potty training. Moreover, you can use the potty pad for both indoor and outdoor potty training. So, get it!

Potty Spray – With this potty spray you can easily entice your puppy to potty in a specific corner.

Potty Area/Zone – Of course you need this for your outdoor potty training.

You need to map out a particular area in your corner for your dog to potty. If not, this training will not be complete. But whichever corner you wish to use, it must be very clean and safe for your puppy.

Potty Command – You need to associate your dog with a particular word for potty. This makes the whole process seamlessly easy. Don’t use multiple words so that your dog doesn’t get confused. Then, make sure that everyone in the house uses the same word for potty.

Training Leash – Leash is vital in this training, especially, when you enter the outdoor training section. With the leash, you can easily monitor your dog potty behavior. If you can get a long leash, endeavor to do so.

Logbook – You need a record sheet for the training. Record book helps you to track your dog’s behavior very well. It will help you to stay organized and achieve success faster. So, get one for yourself if you want to train your puppy faster.

Treat – Please, don’t miss potty party during the training. Why not reward your dog awesomely, if he does it right? Remember, one good turn deserves another. I bet you, your dog will never want to forget how to do it right as long as there is a goodie attached to it. So, make your dog happy and be happy at the same time – it’s a win-win game.

Like we stated earlier, what you truly want is what will determine the things you are going to buy before you kick start. You must not have it all before you start the potty training. Only ensure that you get the basic tools you are going to use.